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10 Things You Can Do with a Pair of Socks Besides Wearing Them on Your Feet

10 Things You Can Do with a Pair of Socks Besides Wearing Them on Your Feet by Mark Lyons      SammySocks Etc. Blog - Comments and Observations from a Retired Educator and an E-Commerce Store Owner   Image by Nana Cola from Pixabay              Socks are great for wearing on your feet. But what about other uses for those socks. Hmmm! Substitute for mittens – As cooler weather approaches and you cannot find your trusty pair of mittens, try a pair of socks. They work simply fine in a pinch. Just make sure that if you took them off your feet to put on your hands, you get another pair of socks to put on your feet. You do not want...

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A Bit of a Ponder

A Bit of a Ponder by Mark Lyons      (Classrooms are beginning to return to a little bit of normalcy during this pandemic. This observation was made a few years ago when I was still teaching.)      Read on to find out more of "A Bit of a Ponder". 

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10 Reasons to Wear Socks (in my opinion)

     People wear socks for many different reasons. Here are my top ten reasons why people should wear socks. Please remember, this is just my opinion, but all others are wrong. #10 – To Keep Your Feet Warm – Nothing says love like ice cold feet suddenly up close and personal with someone’s back, thigh, calf, or any other part of the human anatomy. Right? Not! Cover those icicles with a pair of socks and the warmth will be appreciated and adored. #9 – To Provide a Deflecting Target for Cat Attacks – You are walking through your bedroom on your way to the bathroom when out of nowhere a streaking paw with outstretched claws slices across your foot!...

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