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Random Acts of Sockness!

Random Acts of Sockness!      Most random acts of kindness are spontaneous: holding a door open for someone, picking up a pencil someone dropped, stopping to help fix a flat tire, offering to jump start a car battery, or giving someone a ride. A situation presents itself and a simple act of kindness solves the problem.       Many acts of kindness cost nothing except time. Some have financial expenses however minimal. Still others can cost a lot of money. The cost is not seen as burden but a part of the kindness. In fact, for most people, the random act of kindness is not anything out of the ordinary. It is just something that is done. Nothing is...

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The Human Condition ................... and Socks!

The Human Condition .................................. and Socks!      Ah, the human condition. It is forever in flux. We are all different, yet the same. We are born sockless. We grow. We crawl and then walk. We stumble along the way. No two experiences are the same, yet we often times follow the same path. We learn. We laugh, cry, sigh, shout, and love. We have aspirations.      Then, we get to socks. Socks are great! “Where have they been all my life?” we wonder. They fill the deep needs we have for comfort, style, and well-being. Socks are the perfect salve for our souls!      Without further ado, let us celebrate socks with a poem! Eye Image by...

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Give Thanks Each Day!

Give Thanks Each Day! SammySocks Etc.: Sowing Seeds of Sock Serenity             Acknowledge all good things that come your way! Each day brings a wealth of good in your direction. Embrace and acknowledge each good thing. Let them wash over you like a cool spring shower. Let them refresh your soul. Share the good you have experienced with others. Give thanks each day!             A pair of socks from SammySocks Etc. provides comfort, style, and well-being. Socks from SammySocks Etc.: Sowing Seeds of Sock Serenity!             Purchase a pair or more for yourself or someone special today! Help us grow so we can hire adults with differing abilities.             Visit us at

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Autistic Adults in the Workforce - Part 1

Autistic Adults in the Workforce Part 1 by Mark Lyons      My name is Mark Lyons. My wife, Sally, and I have an adult son, Samuel, who is, among many other things, autistic. He is 25 years old.      Many autistic adults struggle with employment, as does Samuel. Current hiring practices of many businesses do not support autistic adults. We are asking for your help in advocating for change in the hiring and employment process. Given the chance, autistic employees can benefit businesses, as I will note later.      So, here’s the question: How can the hiring practices and processes of businesses be changed to benefit autistic workers and the businesses at the same time?    ...

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