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Sowing Seeds of Sock Serenity!

Sowing Seeds of Sock Serenity      Ah, serenity. Serenity is the state of being calm, peaceful, content, and without troubles. We all want to experience serenity. It’s the key to a happy, healthy life. A healthy body is the basis for a healthy life. Feet are the foundation of the body. As a result, serenity and a happy, healthy body starts with the feet.      Socks protect feet, control moisture, help regulate temperature, reduce odor, and provide comfort. Socks are also the first line of defense for feet against rubbing, chaffing, and open sores. Socks set the tone for all things fashion.      A pair of socks from SammySocks Etc. provides comfort, style, and well-being. Socks from...

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Help Us Grow So We Can Hire Adults With Differing Abilities!

Help Us Grow So We Can Hire Adults With Differing Abilities!      Adults with differing abilities would like to hold a job. About 80% of adults with differing abilities are employed in either part-time or full time jobs.¹ They are waiting to show what they can do if allowed the opportunity.      Employees with differing abilities improve productivity, increase retention, and are reliable and steady workers.²      Adults with differing abilities are waiting to demonstrate that they can be a boost to any business.      Help us grow so we can hire adults with differing abilities.      Visit us at ¹ Hoff, Madison. “How Americans with Disabilities Are Underrepresented as Managers and Professionals, In...

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Sharing With Others!

Sharing With Others!      SammySocks Etc. believes it is important to share with others. We pledge to share 5% of our earnings with UP – United Partners of Pflugerville, Texas. It is an organization that allows adults with differing abilities to come and spend the day to learn, work, and live as a community.      SammySocks Etc. also donates pairs of socks to the Hope Alliance of Round Rock, Texas. It is a resource center and emergency shelter for those affected by family and sexual violence. Visit us at

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Cats! Image by Steve from Pixabay      Cats can be quite exasperating! If you’ve ever had a cat (or is it that they’ve had you?) you understand. They get underfoot, meow on and on into the night, walk all over you, your keyboard, your tablet, your phone, any electronic device, snoot your food, shed all over your best outfit, knock over most anything, and more. They do not have any boundaries. What’s yours is theirs. It is all about them. With them it’s ME! ME! ME!      But cats can also love you unconditionally no matter who you are, what you’ve done or not done, where you live, or what you do for a living. You wouldn’t change...

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Far Out!

Far Out!             Far out! Groovy! Outta Sight! Can you dig it! It’s a gas! That’s marvy! Ah, the 1960s! What a great time! Wonderful memories! Relive some of those great memories with a sock gift bag from SammySocks Etc.             Times seemed simpler. Fashion was new, wild, and open to changes. The Ty-Dye and Swirl Socks Gift Bag for Women can help you or someone you shared those times with a chance to relive some of that chi! So, hang loose, don’t be bummed, get foxy, lay it on me, don’t get heavy on me before you split, and order a sock gift bag or two for yourself or someone special. They make great...

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