SammySocks Rewards

SammySocks Rewards
Sign up for SammySocks Rewards! Shop and share to earn Sammy Smackers for great discounts and more!
To join the SammySocks Rewards Program, just click on the SammySocks Rewards button at the bottom, lower right of any screen on our website and click the "Join now" button. You will be asked to create an account for the SammySocks Reward Program.

Ways to Get Sammy Smackers

$1 Spent = 5 Sammy Smackers / 100 Sammy Smackers = $1

Ways to Get Sammy Smackers

Amount of Sammy Smackers Received by Customer

Like on Facebook

25 Sammy Smackers

Share on Facebook

25 Sammy Smackers

Follow on Instagram

25 Sammy Smackers

Set up Store Account

200 Sammy Smackers

Celebrate Birthday

250 Sammy Smackers

Make a Purchase

5 Sammy Smackers for every $1 Spent

Points Do Not Expire

Ways to Redeem Sammy Smackers


Amount of Sammy Smackers Needed to Get Reward

10% Discount




$5 Off Coupon


15% Discount


20% Discount


$10 Discount


+ Minimum Purchase Amount = $6.00 - Discount codes cannot be combined.

+ All customers can get Sammy Smackers when purchase through website.

+ Only customers who have signed up for a store account or a SammySocks Rewards account can redeem Sammy Smackers.

+ Customers will need to set up a store account or a SammySocks Rewards account to receive new account, social media, and celebrate a birthday Sammy Smackers.

 Referrals – Refer a Friend 

            You get $5 off your next purchase and your friend gets $5 off first purchase.  


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