Ah, Poetry!

Ah Poetry!
by Mark Lyons

SammySocks Etc. Blog - Comments and Observations from Someone Who Is a Retired Educator and Sammy’s Dad

     Ah, poetry! It is the life blood of literature. It is the sinew that binds our lives together! It is the deep, mystical force that tells it like it is.

     There have been so many great poets. Here are just a few:

       + Poe

       + Shakespeare

       + Angelou

       + Silverstein

       + Frost

       + Whitman

       + Dickinson

       + Hughes

       + Lyons, ….. uh, I mean, Longfellow. Well, Lyons could be on that list. Sure. Definitely. Possibly. Maybe. Ok, not so much. But poetry by Lyons is at least poetry? Right? Loosely? Entertainingly?

     Anyway, read the poem above. Try to make it through all the way. It is short and it does rhyme – sort of. But the poem does draw attention to SammySocks Etc. SammySocks Etc. was created to help our son, Samuel, become independent, help with his support, employ adults with differing abilities, provide a safe and adaptive work environment and treat our customers and employees with respect and dignity.

     If you can make it through this poem, head on over to our website (www.sammysocksetc.com) and check out our sock collection for children, women, and men. You will not be disappointed. And remember, every order includes a poem by Lyons. Thanks.

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