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Helping Out

Helping Out by Mark Lyons Image by Andreas Lischka from Pixabay             “I am almost ready to paint some houses!” said Adya.             “Me too!” exclaimed Mahika.             “What are you wanting to work on when we get to Ms. Laghari’s house?” asked Adya. “I am so glad that she agreed to let us all come and paint her house. She has given so much to our community. This gives us a chance to help her. How long has her family lived here?”             Mahika tugged on her chin. “I remember my mom saying something about Ms. Laghari coming here as a little girl. That would be about seventy years ago.”             “Wow!” said Adya.             “Yeah,” answered Mahika. “Now...

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Waiting by Mark Lyons Image by Hebi B. from Pixabay             “Lucy are you ready for your new job?” asked Matilda. “Do you start tomorrow?”             “Yes, and I can’t wait. It’s like waiting for the other shoe to drop, a Baby Boomer as a young child waiting for the Sears Christmas toy catalog, waiting for a scab to fall off, waiting for a second helping of mashed potatoes, waiting for a full set of braces to be removed, or waiting to try on a new pair of low cut zebra socks from SammySocks Etc.”             “Okay, I get the picture,” laughed Matilda. “You can’t wait!”  

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Made for the Part!

Made for the Part! by Mark Lyons Image by Sopan Sopian from Pixabay             “Do you think I will get the part?” asked Dante as he pulled on a pair of bright green, emoji, crew socks from SammySocks Etc.             “I think you were made for the part,” answered Dante’s mom. “It’s the part of the lead clown in a major three ring circus. You have been the clown in this family since you were a little boy. You keep us laughing until our sides hurt. You can’t miss.”             “I don’t know,” said Dante. “If I get this part, it will be a lot of work and hours of rehearsal after school. Will that be okay?”             “Yes, Honey,”...

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Winner! by Mark Lyons Image by robby0059 from Pixabay             “Match point!”, said the announcer over the public address system. The crowd grew silent like the main room of a large city public library. All eyes were focused on the lanky athlete clad all in white, including a pair of athletic crew socks from SammySocks Etc. He had worked hard to get to this point. His muscles screamed at every turn. But he knew it was almost over. One more point.             “Take a deep breath,” Hyun said to himself. “It’s within your power.”             Hyun’s opponent, Jeong, though clearly tired, was a veteran of match points. He understood what was at stake. Hyun knew Jeong would pull some trick...

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In Honor!

In Honor! by Mark Lyons Image by Uwe Baumann from Pixabay      “Swish, swish” went the brush lightly spreading swatches of color across the wide canvas.      “Just a few more strokes here and a couple of dabs here and this painting will be finished,” exclaimed Emily as she peered critically at her first commercial endeavor since opening her art studio near the center of her hometown.      “My lucky, tie-dyed purple and white crew socks from SammySocks Etc. will be proud,” boasted the young artist. “My parents and grandparents will be proud, as well. This painting is in honor of them.”  

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