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Quietly Thinking

Quietly Thinking by Mark Lyons Image by Pexels from Pixabay            Sally and Mark are quietly watching TV – some Romantic Comedy. They are thinking in their heads at the same.             Mark: “Wow, I am sure looking pretty fit. I guess that 5 minutes of extreme Parkour three times a week is paying off. And I can still eat anything I want! Cool!”             Sally: “Mark’s looking a bit chubby around the middle. Like “exercising” a couple of minutes several days a week is going to work. He needs to eat more lettuce and less carbs.”             Mark: “My thick, luxurious hair may need to be cut in about a month. No reason to mess...

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Overheard While Waiting in Line at the Post Office

Overheard While Waiting in Line at the Post Office by Mark Lyons Image by Couleur from Pixabay These are conversations and out loud observations I overheard while waiting in an exceptionally long line at the Post Office.             “I sent my husband here at 8:00 this morning to mail some packages but he came back home right away. He said there was a line. Married to him for 53 years. Should have known better but I guess I will stick it out – the marriage and this wait in line.”             “How far does this line go back? Where’s the end? I didn’t know this Post Office was this big!”             “Do I stay in line and be late for...

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I Wanted to Be a Pirate

I Wanted to Be a Pirate by Mark Lyons Image by Dimitris Vetsikas             “Mark?”             “Yes.”             “Got a question.”             “Sure, but you know what?”             “Uh – uh?”             “When I was younger, I wanted to be a pirate.”             “A pirate?”             “Yes. Even walked around with a toy parrot on my shoulder. Did you know even as light as a parrot is, it can knock your whole equilibrium off? Something to get used to as a pirate.”             “Didn’t know that.”             “Yep. Anyway, I went back and forth for a while: teacher, pirate, teacher, pirate.”             “Uh – uh.”             “Each has its own pros and cons.”             “Sure.”...

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The Hammer

The Hammer  by Mark Lyons Image by Benjamin Nelan from Pixabay            “Have you seen my hammer, Sally?” asked Mark. “I want to pound a few nails into our back fence – the one that is falling apart because I worked, uh, ………since the last time I worked on it. And maybe I can get a chance to miss the nail head and whack the heck out of my thumb.”             “No, Honey, I have not seen your hammer. I remember seeing it when you tried to use it to swat at a wasp that was flying around our living room,” replied Sally. “If I recall, you didn’t get the wasp but managed to wipe out...

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All on Film

All on Film by Mark Lyons Image by Pexels from Pixabay      Step by step the young tiger gradually crept toward a grazing Nilgai antelope. Relying on instincts tested over centuries and memories of watching his mother hunt, the stalking tiger moved on driven by the hunger pangs in his belly.      Several hundred yards away, Donethea silently watched the drama unfold. She peered through a field set of high-powered binoculars with both a camera and a night vision apparatus attached. Donethea had taken many rolls of film of this area over a two-week period. The tiger was the high point of her viewing.      With machine like precision, the tiger continued his approach. Donethea watched with...

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