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Sammy's Sock Sagas - Entertaining, encouraging, and upbeat stories featuring socks from SammySocks Etc. — men's striped socks RSS


Organized by Mark Lyons Image by court2408 from Pixabay             Bob quietly pulled on the handle of the top drawer of his dresser. Pairs of neatly folded socks – all purchased from SammySocks Etc. – slid into view. He had of course arranged them in typical style order. Starting at the left: athletic crew socks, striped socks, patterned socks, casual dress socks, and formal dress socks.             “What am I in the mood for today?” mused Bob. He had an important presentation this morning and he wanted to instill a sense of dependability and success.             “Obsidian, what do you think?” asked Bob of a long, lanky, gray and black striped tomcat with just a hint of light brown around...

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