by Mark Lyons

Image by court2408 from Pixabay

            Bob quietly pulled on the handle of the top drawer of his dresser. Pairs of neatly folded socks – all purchased from SammySocks Etc. – slid into view. He had of course arranged them in typical style order. Starting at the left: athletic crew socks, striped socks, patterned socks, casual dress socks, and formal dress socks.

            “What am I in the mood for today?” mused Bob. He had an important presentation this morning and he wanted to instill a sense of dependability and success.

            “Obsidian, what do you think?” asked Bob of a long, lanky, gray and black striped tomcat with just a hint of light brown around the nose and eyes. Bob reached over and gently picked the stretching cat off the bed where it had been sleeping.

            “Er-raugh!” offered the cat.

            “Here, let me put you on the dresser and you can pick my socks for me,” said Bob to Obsidian. “But remember the presentation.”

            Leaning over the open dresser drawer of socks, Obsidian sniffed at several pairs and peered at the rest. After a few seconds, Obsidian voiced his decision while at the same time extended a clawless paw to a pair of blue with gray striped socks.

            “Raugh!” meowed the cat.

            Bob tucked in his chin, pursed his lips, and then smiled. “Good choice, Obsidian,” he laughed. “Bold with the stripes yet understated with the dark colors. Thanks, Obsidian. I’m going to “WOW!” the clients.

            Bob finished getting dressed. He walked to his front door with his fly open, toilet paper stuck to the bottom of one shoe, and an ever-widening hole in the seat of his pants.


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