The Strange Connections Between Socks and Extraterrestrials

The Strange Connections Between Socks and Extraterrestrials

by Mark Lyons

Image by Peter Lomas from Pixabay

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     Do your socks seem to mysteriously disappear from your dryer? Do you sometimes see strange lights in the sky at night while wearing socks? Have you heard of Roswell, New Mexico, Area 51 and that there is a certain big-box store that sells – what else? – socks there? Do you know who shot J.R. who was wearing socks at the time? (This last one has nothing to do with extraterrestrials. I am just messing with you.) If you answered “Yes!” to any one or more of these, you are probably aware of the strange connections between socks and extraterrestrials.

     Just for the record, here are some more strange but true connections between socks and extraterrestrials:

      - You look closely at any Martian movie and you will see that they always covered their antenna with dark socks to blend in. It worked, didn’t it?

     - Most UFO’s have a clearly recognizable shape and socks have a clearly recognizable shape.

     - Extraterrestrials are unable to communicate with Earthlings. Neither can socks.

     - Extraterrestrials come in a variety of colors and so do socks.

     - E.T. was warm and cuddly. So are socks.

     - Socks come in different sizes. So do extraterrestrials.

     - People abducted by extraterrestrials are often returned to Earth minus their shoes but still wearing their socks.

     - The latest Gallop Poll shows a whopping 88% of extraterrestrials prefer socks over any other foot apparel.

     - For every registered UFO sighting there are multiple episodes of socks missing from dryers within a five-mile radius of the sighting.

     - 95% of people who have heard of extraterrestrials have also heard of socks.

     - The majority of people who have binged watched “The X-Files” were wearing socks while bingeing.

     - Most extraterrestrials have feet of some kind or another. Socks go on feet. Therefore, extraterrestrials wear socks on their feet.

     - You can buy socks at some convenience stores and according to a popular energy drink commercial, extraterrestrials frequent these very same stores.

     So, to cement your connection to socks, order some from SammySocks Etc. They are “Out of This World!”.

     Thank you.

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  • Matthew Meltzer

    There is also a connection between my wife and socks. Socks at times Are holy. My wife at all times is holy. You see, I can play games also.

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