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The Benefits of Drinking Tea

The Benefits of Drinking Tea

by Mark Lyons

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            Millions of people all over the world drink tea. Many drink tea because it tastes good. Some drink tea because they do not like coffee. Others drink tea because they like the idea of the little string hanging on the outside of the cup. Still others think drinking tea makes them more sophisticated than drinking other beverages. And still others drink tea because they use the up and down motion of steeping the tea by holding onto the tea bag string as “exercise”.

            Here’s another equally valid for drinking tea: Tea has many health benefits. Here are a few of the health benefits of drinking tea.

  1. Tea contains antioxidants. Green tea may have more than black tea.
  2. Tea may help with slight weight loss.
  3. Tea may help with keeping the heart healthy.
  4. Drinking tea may help reduce the risk of stroke.
  5. Tea usually has less caffeine that coffee.
  6. Drinking tea gets fluids into your body.
  7. Herbal teas, particularly chamomile tea, helps keep the digestive system calm and collected.
  8. Tea may help with reducing the risk of cancer.
  9. Some teas may help boost the body’s immune system.
  10. Drinking tea may help keep your teeth in good shape.

     Now that we have your attention about the health benefits of drinking tea, you may be asking: “Where can I get this tea?” Oh, sure, you could go down to your neighborhood tea store and get some there. You could also travel in your car, truck, or souped up scooter to the grocery store, wait in line, struggle with your debit card in trying to pay for the tea, have to show your receipt to the customer representative at the door before you exit the store, set off the alarm as you leave because you forgot to pay for that candy bar you put in your pocket as you were waiting in that long line at the checkout, spend twenty minutes looking for your car, truck or souped up scooter because you forgot where you had parked, get pulled over by the police because you were speeding to get home to try out the tea, use the “Officer Pretty” routine from that Friends episode with Ross and Rachel, and finally make it home but realized that you left your house keys on the little spot at the grocery store checkout kiosk that is meant to hold your unscanned groceries but is not all that big so most of the groceries have to stay in the cart until you have actually scanned them. So, you break a front window of your house to get in because that tea is burning a hole in your pocket, set off your alarm, get arrested by “Officer Pretty” from the traffic stop, sit in jail for three hours until your significant other can explain to the police who your are and what you did. Finally, you get home and decide you are too tired to make and drink the tea. Maybe tomorrow.


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