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Socks Can Enlighten and Uplift

Socks Can Enlighten and Uplift
by Mark Lyons

SammySocks Etc. Blog - Comments and Observations from Someone Who Is a Retired Educator and Sammy’s Dad

     There is nothing like a new pair of socks! They hold something special. New, fresh, clean, colorful, soft, comfortable, fashionable, warm, cozy, individualistic, rebellious, and just plain fun are a few descriptions of a new pair of socks.

     It’s like getting a new box of crayons – no matter what size. The prospect of what is to come is so exciting! With crayons, it’s the colors and, oh, what can I draw! With socks, it’s how they look and feel. It’s the places I can go in these socks. The adventures are endless.

     Socks can turn the mundane, ordinary task of dressing into a feast for the senses. Socks give us a chance to enjoy getting dressed. Picking out and putting on a pair of new socks can help start the day on an upbeat. For a brief moment, you or someone you love can be transformed into a superhero, a sports champion, a fashion icon, a pirate, the crazy uncle or aunt, or just someone with an eye for socks.

     Each time you clean and refresh your socks is almost like getting a new pair. You open your sock drawer each morning and you are offered a choice of what to wear that day. Who shall you be? A swashbuckling adventurer, a demure socialite, a bold and brash athlete, a professional businessperson, or a carefree spirit? It’s all up to you and your socks. Socks are special. Socks help make you special. Socks are here to enlighten and uplift!

     Be a part of that specialness of socks. Buy a pair or more for yourself. Buy socks for a loved one. Even buy some socks and give them to a complete stranger – someone who may really need them. Do this and you also help SammySocks Etc. fulfill it's Mission and Vision. Visit us at

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