So You Think You Can Dance?

So You Think You Can Dance?
by Mark Lyons

Image by Yogendra Singh from Pixabay

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            “What is that?” asked Sally.

            “What is what?” answered Mark.

            “What is that what you’re doing there?” asked Sally.

            “Just a sec,” replies Mark. “….. and let me add a double plier here, a couple of etendres, some sauters, a few glissers, an arabesque, about three fondues, a pretzel, and finish with a couple minutes of the Floss…..”

            “What?” mumbled Sally.

            “Let me just pull up my leggings,” panted Mark. “Don’t want the hardware to get cramps! Whew! Now I know what Patrick Swayze went through in his movie “Unclean Dancing!”

            “Don’t you mean “Dirty Dancing”? corrected Sally.

            “Yeah, no,” answered Mark. “He did an earlier version of the movie – “Unclean Dancing”. He worked as a bouncer in a rough dance hall to put himself through dancing school so he could get a job as a dance instructor at a family resort camp in the Catskills during the early 1960s but he kept seeing Whoopi Goldberg as a ghost doing pottery and had to drop out. He becomes a surfer that robs banks and who could push pennies with his mind.”

            “Huh?” asked Sally.

            “Yeah, it was kind of like the first Dune movie – totally unappreciated and way ahead of its time. “Unclean Dancing” is a cult hit now,” said Mark.

            “Sure, but anyway, what was that that you were doing there?” asked Sally again.

            “Dancing!” said Mark.

            “That was dancing?” asked Sally.

            “Yeah, didn’t you see my double etendres and the glissers?” asked Mark.

            “Oh, yeah, I saw all that!” said Sally. “I can’t unsee it, but I thought you were trying to get away from a bug or something. That is kind of what you look like when there are bugs around.”

            “Uh, okay. Yes. That is true,” replied Mark. “I do look like that, but I am dancing here. Bustin’ my moves!”

            “Okay,” said Sally.

            “Now where was I?” muttered Mark doing a break dancing handglide freeze and attempting to Moon Walk.

            “Oh, Mark,” said Sally.

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