Women's Neon Block Crew Socks

Women's Neon Blocks Crew Socks

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Women's Neon Blocks Crew Socks

     Red, orange, green, blue and purple! Patterns abound with this pair of bright socks. These women’s crew socks will make any day better. You will get to show off your great taste in socks. What a treat! Get a pair today!

Sammy's Special Sock SimileThese socks are as bold as a young knight out in search of a fierce dragon.

Sammy's Sock Saga


Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

            “I think I’m going to take up juggling, Schweetie!” said Mark.

            Sally gave him a sideways glance. “Juggling?” she asked.

            “Yes,” replied Mark as he grabbed three balled up pairs of socks from his sock drawer in their dresser. “All of the really cool celebrities can juggle. Let’s see, there is Justin Bieber, Tom Hanks, Patrick Dempsey, Neil Patrick Harris, Michelle Obama, and Cary Grant, to name a few. I think I will be rather good at it.”

            “What makes you so sure?” asked Sally.

            “Well, I am able to binge watch all of Clint Eastwood’s movies, recite from memory every Beatles’ #1 hit, swallow three - yes three – medium sized pills at one time (4 out of 5 doctors marvel at my ability to do that), drive a stick shift, and recite from memory in abc order all of the colors in your neon block crew socks from SammySocks Etc.: blue, green, orange, purple, and red.”

            “Wow!” said Sally with tears of admiration in her eyes. “Maybe you can juggle.”

Note: We strive to offer the most accurate color images, however, the colors in the image(s) may not match the colors of the actual pair of socks due to how the socks appear on your electronic device.

Style: Crew

Size: The label says: Sock Size 9 – 11 / Shoe Size 4 – 10.5. However, the socks run small. They fit a shoe size about 4 – 9.

Sock Maker: Eros - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Fiber Content: 80% polyester, 10% spandex, 10% nylon

Country of Origin: China 

Care Instructions: Machine wash with similar colors. Use nonchlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry on low. Do not iron.

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