Women's Black Striped Crew Socks

Women's Black Striped Crew Socks

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Women's Black Striped Crew Socks

     These beautiful socks will get your heart pumping as you stroll down the street. You might even need to walk fast to keep the crowds of admiring people at bay. Purple, green, blue, yellow, orange and pink backgrounds are covered with black horizontal stripes. These women’s crew socks are yours for the buying. Get a pair today!

Sammy's Special Sock SimileThese socks will get your heart pumping like water through the fire hose of the Super Pumper of the New York City Fire Department.

Sammy's Sock Saga


Dance Moves

by Mark Lyons


Image by AlexLoban from Pixabay

            “I think I finally got this dance step down, Honey,” says Mark. “Sally, watch this.”

            With steps as graceful as a bull in a china cabinet, Mark struts and gyrates around the room trying, unsuccessfully, to match the beat of “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees.

            “Can ….. you ….. see ….., Schweetie? …..gasps Mark. “Just ….. like ….. Tony ….. Manero ….. in the movie!”

            Sally sits on their couch and critically eyes her husband flailing around the room. She crosses her legs and reveals a pair of black striped crew socks from SammySocks Etc.  

            “Yep, just like in the movie, although not the movie you mentioned,” says Sally after several moments of silent observation. “Can you help me finish taking out the trash before the garbage truck gets here?”

            “Sure thing,” replies Mark as he grabs several bags full of trash and sashays out the back door. “I think this was in the movie, too!


Note: We strive to offer the most accurate color images, however, the colors in the image(s) may not match the colors of the actual pair of socks due to how the socks appear on your electronic device.


Style: Crew

Size: The label says: Sock Size 9 – 11 / Shoe Size 4 – 10.5. However, the socks run small. They fit a shoe size about 4 – 9.

Sock Maker: Eros - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Fiber Content: 80% polyester, 10% spandex, 10% nylon

Country of Origin: China 


Care Instructions: Machine wash with similar colors. Use nonchlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry on low. Do not iron.


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