What Day Is It? It's Saturday!

What Day Is It? It's Saturday!
by Mark Lyons
Image by Mary Pahlke from Pixabay 

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     Hi! The seventh day of the week, Saturday, is named after the planet Saturn. For many people, Saturday is part of a two-day weekend. Saturday is the last day of the seven-day week. It is often the busier of the weekend days. There is lots to do and just two days to get it all done before Monday returns. The Saturday “To Do” list always looks doable on Friday night.

     Saturday morning dawns fresh and promising. Anything is possible. The “To Do” list is going down. But then things get added to the list. That first cup of early morning coffee turns into a second and then a third. You try to catch up on your texts and emails. It is now mid-morning. You pull out the list and look at the first task. But you forgot to get what you needed from the store to complete it. So, you move down to the second task on the list. Hmm. That may take a while. You are looking for a quick victory. You move farther down the list. Task three and four are too time consuming as well. Ahh! Item five is lined up to be quick and easy. You get started.

     Five minutes into the task you get a text from your friend about the game today. Of course, you have to respond. Several texts and many minutes later you get back to the task at hand. You look down at your watch and notice that it is now time for lunch. That’s okay. A long, promising afternoon stretches before you like a two-lane highway in far west Texas on a hot summer day.

     Back to item five on the list. You discover that you will need to go to the store anyway to get what you need to finish the task. It is unavoidable. Once there, you decide to go ahead and pick up a few more items so that you won’t have to come back later. The lines are long, but you finally make it through and back home. The game is on as you pass by the living room on your way to the back yard where task number five still awaits its completion. Just a few minutes of watching cannot hurt. Suddenly you look up and it is five o’clock. Almost time for supper. Now, supper is done, the dishes are finished, bills have been paid, and the laundry has been started. You are looking at the ten o’clock news on the TV.

     Another Saturday with all its promise is over. Next week!

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     Thank you.


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