Uh, Just a Sec!

Uh, Just a Sec!
by Mark Lyons

Image by Henry Niestroj from Pixabay

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            “Mark?” asks Sally walking into the family’s computer room.

            Mark hunches over a computer keyboard pounding the keys and conferring with several stacks of papers strategically strewn about his workstation. He does not acknowledge his wife’s presence (so typical).

            “Mark!” says Sally a little louder. “Do you hear me?”

            Glaring up and down, and back and forth between the piles of papers, the keyboard, and the computer screen, Mark responds with, “Maybe if I try this!”

            “Mark!” yells Sally a bit frustrated.

            “Uh, just a sec,” Mark finally mutters.

            Sally picks up a wadded piece of paper from amongst several on the floor and throws it at her husband. The wad lightly bounces off the back of his head and cascades gingerly down his back.

            “Just a sec,” Mark replies not missing a single keystroke. “I think I can change this word to “considerate” and everything will fall into place on my treatise about showing care and concern and empathy toward everyone.”

            “Mark!” hollers Sally.

            Holding up the forefinger of his left hand toward his wife, Mark again says, “Just a sec,” as he marks through several lines on the top sheet of his thickets stack of papers. “And …. done!”. Mark stops typing and looks up at his wife, a big grin spread across his face.

            Sally stands in front of her husband, hands on her hips, eyes ablaze, with gritted teeth, and says, “I just wanted to say I love you!”

            “I love you, too,” answers Mark. “Oooh, that reminds me. I can use that in my treatise!”

            “Oh, Mark,” sighs Sally.

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