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The Thoughts and Aspirations of a Teacher at the End of May (Beginning of Summer Vacation) and Subsequently at the Beginning of August (End of Summer Vacation)

The Thoughts and Aspirations of a Teacher at the End of May (Beginning of Summer Vacation) and Subsequently at the Beginning of August (End of Summer Vacation)

by Mark Lyons

Image by Katie Phillips from Pixabay

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1. May – Summer! Yea! I’m going to get so much done this summer! I’m going to be in my classroom and organize it up one way and down the other!

    August – Oh, man! I’ve only got two days before school starts and there’s still last year’s Valentine’s Day decorations on the walls!


 2. May – I get to sleep late, but it’s going to be just for two weeks. Then I’m getting to work in my classroom! And then take those in-service classes at Region 13 and all that!

     August – I slept through summer!


3. May – My team is going to meet all summer and knock out a couple of months of lesson plans.

    August – We met. Had lunch several times. Never did quite get to those lesson plans.


4. May – I’m going to the lake every week, relax, and get my mojo back.

    August – Went to the lake once, got sand fleas, sunburned, and lost my phone in the water. Never went back.


5. May – Going to catch up on the latest tech stuff for school. I will come back in August on the cutting edge!

     August – My computer got a virus on Memorial Day, stayed in the shop all summer, and I got it back a couple of days ago with nothing on it.


6. May – I’m going to Dewey decimal all my classroom library books. I’m going to clean them, put them in bins by reading level, and get them all set up for students to use on day 1!

    August – Who’s this Dewey person?


7. May – I’m going to bring home these boxes full of my files, clean them out, sort them, update them, and get them usable for next school year.

    August – I’m going to bring all these unopened boxes full of my files back to school, put them in a closet with a sheet over them, and maybe……next summer.


8. May – I’m going to use this summer to get in the best shape of my life.

    August – I’m going to use this next school year to get ready for using the summer to get in the best shape of my life.


9. May – Got this list of professional books I’m going to read this summer. Get really edumucated!

    August – Binge watched Friends and The Office all summer.


10. May – Going to the Graphics Lab at Region 13 and use all their resources including cutting out letters and shapes for the whole school year’s worth of bulletin boards and wall presentations.

      August – Went shopping at the mall instead.


11. May – I’m going to plan nutritious and healthy lunches for the entire school year.

      August – Decided to just eat lunch at school all the time.


12. May – Going to get some new duds for school – classy, smart, and professional looking.

      August – T-shirts and jeans will do just fine.


13. May – Going to be open to new and challenging situations including those beginning-of-the-year-in-service, “Get to Know You Better”, icebreaker activities.

      August – Not! Can’t do it! Nope!


14. May – Going to write out ahead of time a bunch of positive little note cards to give to students and colleagues during the school year.

      August -Where did I put my pen?


15. May – Going to come up with a really good way to stay organized, keep my desk uncluttered, and always be on time for meetings.

      August – (actually more like early September) Where’s my data notebook? Friends, I’ll be at my desk behind these tall stacks of ungraded papers. And I’ll be there in ten minutes!


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