The Survivalist

The Survivalist

by Mark Lyons

Image by hoobychubes from Pixabay

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            “Yeah, I’m pretty sure that I could be on that survival show,” says Mark to his wife Sally as he stares at the TV. “You know I was a Boy Scout.”

            “Was that before or after fire was invented?” asks Sally.

            “Well, uh, ….. after,” replies Mark. “I got to the rank of Star. We did a lot of camping out.”

            “Oh, yeah,” says Sally. “You told me this before. Didn’t you have to spend the night alone in the forest at some point?”

            “Yes, yes I did,” replies Mark as he puffs up his chest. “We were given a thin blanket, one egg to eat, and a small amount of water.”

            “How long did this last?” asks Sally.

            “I don’t remember,” stammers Mark.

            “Oh, sure you do,” says Sally.

            “One day,” mutters Mark. “But it prepared me really well for surviving out in the wilderness. I think with all my extreme qualifications and attributes: height, weight, body mass, thick luxurious hair, they would probably start my PSR (Primitive Survival Rating) at 8.7.”

            “Cough!” coughs Sally.

            “What was that?” asks Mark.

            “Nothing,” replies Sally. “Please go on.”

            “Uh, …… body mass, hair, oh, yeah, wiry frame, TV shows I have watched, and people I follow on Twitter,” continues Mark. “All point to my extreme sureness of my survival on that or any show for that matter. I am ready. I am the master of my domain. Nothing, absolutely nothing, neither manmade or anything that nature can throw at me can or will stop me. I will make it to the end of the show!”

            “Mark?” says Sally.

            “Just a minute, Honey,” answers Mark. “I’m on a roll here. I will survive. I will be the victor. I will draw on all my, and the men who came before me, instincts, skills, and smarts to win! Okay, Honey, what?”

            “You do know they have birds out there on the show,” says Sally.

            “Never mind,” whispers Mark.

(Please refer to the Blog titled “Mark and the Big Bad Bird” to help you understand Mark's response about the birds. You may find it on the SammySocks Etc. Blog page at

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