The Positive Effects of Socks!

The Positive Effects of Socks!

by Mark Lyons

Image by iSaw Company from Pixabay

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     Puppies, a surprise birthday party, a $20 bill pulled out of the pocket of your old pair of jeans, your favorite NFL team wins the Super Bowl, you get that long-awaited job promotion, you don’t have to get that root canal, and socks. What do all these things have in common? They all have positive effects on people.

     + Puppies – cute, cuddly, precious

     + A surprise birthday party – your friends and family come together to celebrate you

     + A $20 bill pulled out of the pocket of your old jeans – it’s 20 bucks! – free money!

     + Your favorite NFL team wins the Super Bowl – you get to paint your face the team colors and wear a huge pointy #1 finger on your hand

     + You get that long-awaited job promotion – you deserve it

     + You don’t have to get that root canal – self-explanatory

     + Socks – Yes, socks. Think about socks for a moment. (You know, socks are known as the gloves of the feet……Wait, or is it gloves are known as the socks of the hands?) Anyway, socks have uniquely positive effects on us. They do! Imagine this: It is a cold winter morning. You slide your feet out from under the covers and into a new pair or freshly laundered pair of socks that comfortably warm your feet. Positive effects: Your feet are warm. You have a contented smile on your face.

     Or imagine this: You peek into your stocking hanging from the mantel and get a glimpse of a pair of neon striped socks and a pair of monster socks. Positive effects: You are getting new pairs of socks as a gift. You have an excited grin on your face.

     Or even imagine this: You donate several pairs of socks to someone in need. Positive effects: Someone in need gets fresh socks. You have a smile of care and concern on your face.

     All these interactions with socks have positive effects on you and on others. Here are a few more.

     + You give a loved one several pairs of socks. Positive effects: Your loved one has a smile of knowing that they are loved. You have a huge smile of love on your face.

     + You see something funny on a pair of socks. Positive effects: You giggle and laugh. The socks are funny.

     + You get some new socks as a gift. Positive effects: You have a surprise – the good kind.

     + You take the time to help someone shop for socks. Positive effects: You have time shared with someone you care about and they with you.

     + You slip on an old pair of socks found in the back of your sock drawer. Positive effects: You get to relive the moment in time when you purchased or were given the socks. Good memories from the past.

     Are you up for creating positive effects of socks for yourself or someone else? Take a look at the sock selections available on Sammysocks Etc. and unleash the positive effects of socks! Go to And remember, each purchase from SammySocks Etc. positively helps Sammy and, as we grow and can expand our employment opportunities, other adults with differing abilities.

     Thank you.


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