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The First Men on the Moon and Socks From SammySocks Etc.!

The First Men on the Moon and Their Socks from SammySocks Etc.!


     You, of course, know this saying: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

     That was a huge and significant moment in the history of the world. But what happened a few minutes later when there were two astronauts on the moon’s surface is also quite important. These two guys had risked their lives to get to the moon. They were the first ones. Lots of important stuff has happened as a result of our going to the moon through the whole space program. We got Dustbusters, athletic shoes, and LED lights among other things. Can’t do without that stuff now, huh?

     Once the two astronauts started jumping around on the moon and doing scientific stuff and the like, they took a moment to stop and exchange sock gift bags from SammySocks Etc. Yeah, they sure did! They gave each other the Bigger Than Life Socks Gift Bag for Men! Bros rule!

     The two astronauts were big fans of King Kong and Bigfoot, especially Bigfoot. (Rumor has it that one of the astronauts actually saw what he thought was Bigfoot behind one of the boulders near their landing sight. No lie! I’m not kidding! It’s true!)

     You too can have for yourself or give someone else the Bigger Than Life Socks Gift Bag for Men! Visit us at

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