The Dream

The Dream

by Mark Lyons

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

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            “Aaaaahhhhh!” shrieked Mark.

            “What is it, Honey?” whispered Sally.

            “I had that dream again,” gasped Mark as he sat up covered in sweat, his body wrapped in tousled bedsheets.

            “Again?” asked Sally. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes. “What time is it this time?”

            “It’s 5:30 am,” answered Mark glaring at the alarm clock, his chiseled features coming into sharp focus. Even in his disheveled condition, he still was often mistaken for Brad, you know, Brad?

            “Was it like all the others?” asked Sally.

            It took Mark a few minutes to answer his wife. She patiently waited while he seemed to sort through his mind. Finally, after considering, contemplating, and deeply…… oh, wait. Nope, he was just sleeping again.

            “Huh?” What?” mumbled Mark after Sally poked him. “Uh, it was pretty much the same except this time there were no kids.”

            “You mean, you were doing morning duty in the hallway next to the cafeteria at 7:00 in the morning and there were no kids?” asked Sally.

            “Yeppers,” answered Mark.

            “Huh,” wondered Sally. “Why’s that?”

            “Not sure,” said Mark.

            “You’ve got to stop eating those burritos after ten o’clock at night,” said Sally.

            “But I only have two!” whined Mark as he turned over, slumped down in bed, plumped his pillow, and settled in for a long winter’s …. I mean, tried to go back to sleep. “I bet Brad doesn’t have to give up his burritos!”

            “Again, you’re not Brad!” said Sally.

            “I dunno,” said Mark. “I could be Brad.”

            “What was that?” asked Sally.

            “Nothin’”, replied Mark.

            “Oh, Mark!” said Sally.

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