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The Budget

The Budget

by Mark Lyons

Image by Chris Pastrick from Pixabay

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            Budgets are great! They really are! You get to see that you are definitely spending too much money, and you get to know exactly where you are spending the money with the full knowledge that you will probably never ever be able to reign in you and your family’s spending let alone save for college, retirement, or even a candy bar. Makes for great sleeping!

            That was one reason to keep a budget. Oh, there’s more! Here are a few.

  1. You and your significant other are getting along too well. You haven’t had a good fight in weeks. Having a budget so you can “discuss” why you spent $500 on a rare handkerchief rumored to have been used by a former 1980s rock star to wipe his brow and you just had to have it because it “spoke” to you over the internet. You needed a good argument.
  2. You have nothing else planned for your Sunday nights and needed to schedule something that uses up several hours.
  3. You have a really cool calculator from opening a new account at a bank and needed something to use it for.
  4. Your aunt got you a neat mechanical pencil for your pen and pencil collection, and you can use it while you do your budget rectifying old school – pencil on paper.
  5. You get to see that you are deeper in debt this year than last year and will probably be deeper next year through all your budget projections.
  6. You hope that somebody steals your identity because they will most likely spend less than you.
  7. You and your buds and bros were tired of talking sports, cars, and video games. You thought you’d give the ins and outs of budget keeping a try.
  8. You wanted to support SammySocks Etc. and you knew you could divert some funds from the “Money Set Aside for All My Cat Videos Subscriptions” budget line item to buy some socks.
  9. You wanted to impress your in-laws with your fiscal wizardlyness instead of your highly useful knowledge of 80s dance tunes.
  10. You wanted to be a millionaire and thought this would help.
  11. You are tired of your checks bouncing after only the 4th day of the month. (Do you still use checks?)
  12. You tried the age old, highly used, quite popular financial record keeping method of “spend-spend-spend” and it somehow hasn’t worked.
  13. None of your friends or family will loan you any more money.
  14. Playing Texas Hold ‘Em, visiting Las Vegas, buying lottery tickets, betting on sports, and visiting the local bingo parlor on Friday nights do not seem to be helping with the money.


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