The Blues and Socks (from SammySocks Etc.)!

The Blues and Socks (from SammySocks Etc.)!
by Mark Lyons

Image by Rahul Yadav from Pixabay

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A slow blues riff (à la B. B. King) plays quietly in the background. 

My baby’s not here now!

She’s been gone for a while now!

She said it’d be just a mo.

That was, uh, 20 years ago! 

     I think I’ve got a bright future in song writing! 

     Ya think? 

     I could go on… 

My baby done… Uh, okay, maybe later. 

     Do you know what cures the blue? 

     Socks! Socks cures the blues! And SammySocks Etc. has socks! Yes, the SOCS Institute (Socks of Comfortable Sizes – SOCS) has done extensive research into this phenomenon. Their latest study done on the back of a partially used napkin centered on asking people with the actual blues to wear socks from SammySocks Etc. Once these blues-infested people slipped on a pair of socks from SammySocks Etc., their blues disappeared! Gone! Completely! 

     There you have it! The blues are cured by wearing socks from SammySocks Etc.! Who can argue with a napkin! I certainly can’t and neither can you. Order socks today from SammySocks Etc.! Visit us at Help us grow so we can hire adults with differing abilities. 

     Now, back to my song writing! My baby is … 

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