The Bipartisanship of Socks

The Bipartisanship of Socks

by Mark Lyons

Image by tookapic from Pixabay

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            It is the wish and dream of American elected officials from the Republican, Democrat, Independent, and any other political party to work together for the good of the American people. One thing all politicians agree on are socks. (Oh sure, there may be a few “free-from-all-apparel” free thinkers out there who might disagree, but for the most part, they all agree.)

            Politicians of all parties have had a long and storied relationship with socks. Check out any painting of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. All the signers were wearing socks (stockings which are the same as socks). And then all throughout the tenure of our country’s politicians, socks have been there on every side of the aisle.

            Politicians wore socks as kids (except maybe during the summer when everybody goes barefoot). They wore them all through grade school, high school, and college. They wore socks at their graduation. They wore socks to their first job interview. Politicians wore socks when they attended all their YouTube classes on how to become a politician. Socks were worn on the campaign trail of all their campaigns for election and reelection. They wore them when they kissed babies. I’m pretty sure even the babies wore socks. Politicians wore socks when they were sworn in.

Socks are worn now when politicians meet to discuss and vote on bills to become laws. Politicians wear socks when they gather with their staff to discuss important stuff like what color the drapes will be in the office and what style and size the font will be on the official stationery. All politicians wear socks. It is the one true sign of togetherness and bipartisanship.

            Socks are comfortable, warm, stylish, fashionable, pay taxes, and make everyone look great. So, in the spirit of bipartisanship, get yourself, or someone you love, a pair or more of socks. And get them from SammySocks Etc. Visit us at Now, go kiss a baby!

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