Socks and the Art of Love

Socks and the Art of Love

by Mark Lyons

Image by autumnsgoddess0 from Pixabay

SammySocks Etc. Blog - Comments and Observations from Someone Who Is a Retired Educator and the Father of Sammy of SammySocks Etc.

            You are so romantic! When people look up the word “romantic” in the dictionary, your face shows up.

            Chocolates! (bought from the stuff left over from last year’s Valentine’s Day)

            Candlelight! (actually 3 cans of sterno)

            Soft music! (a mixed tape of heavy metal ballads from the 80s)

            Flowers! (grabbed out of the dumpster behind your local drug store)

            A movie! (an apocalyptic, vampire and zombie rom com)

            A fabulous meal! (the finest money can buy from the nearest fast-food restaurant)

            You’ve got this!

            You are ready with all the right lines:

                        “You are not starting to look like your mother/father!”

                        “Are you balding? No!”

                        “I hear all the famous Greek models never shave either!”

                        “Everybody has a mole there.”

                        “Yes, by all means, you rock those skinny jeans!”

            Yes, you are the master at the art of love! But what can be the cherry on the top? The coup de grace? The cat’s meow? The icing on the cake? All that and a bag of chips?

            Socks! Yes, socks! Especially socks from SammySocks Etc. You can surprise your sweetie with a pair or more of socks from SammySocks Etc. and they will never doubt your love for them again! Visit us at www.sammysocksetc. com and browse our sock selection. Thank you.

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