SammySocks Etc. Supports United Partners of Pflugerville, Texas!

SammySocks Etc. Supports United Partners of Pflugerville, Texas!

by Mark Lyons

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     The United Partners (UP) is an non-profit 501(c)3 organization established in 2017. Located in Pflugerville, Texas, UP has grown to 15 participants, known as “Partners”, who attend Monday through Thursday. Partners participate in a variety of activities including but not limited to devotionals, arts and crafts projects, snacks, exercises, and dance parties.

     United Partners is a community where all abilities are empowered and valued. Each person involved with United Partners knows that they have a purpose and that they are celebrated.

     Volunteers are important to the life of the organization. They help with a variety of tasks such as working at the UP store and aiding the partners as they go about their day at UP. If you are interested in volunteering at United Partners, contact them at 512-791-2292 or email them at

     United Partners has a store located next to the UP house in Pflugerville. The name of the United Partners store is “Imaginations”. It is located at 301 W. Pecan Street in Pflugerville. It sells many of the arts and craft items in the store. The proceeds benefit United Partners.

     SammySocks Etc. gives 5% of its earnings to United Partners of Pflugerville. To date, SammySocks Etc. has donated $385.00. Samuel, the Sammy of SammySocks Etc., is a partner at UP. He attends every week and has a great time. Sammy says, “I like working at UP. I like it when we take walks.”

     You can visit us at We sell socks, coffee, and tea. Help us grow so we can hire adults with differing abilities.

            You can visit the United Partners of Pflugerville website at for more information.

*** Visit our YouTube Channel (SammySocks Etc.) on YouTube to view some of the performed blog posts from this blog as well as videos of Sammy and SammySocks Etc.

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