Overheard in a Faculty Lounge One Day at Lunch

Overheard in a Faculty Lounge One Day at Lunch

by Mark Lyons

Image by Ty Swartz from Pixabay

SammySocks Etc. Blog - Comments and Observations from Someone Who Is a Retired Educator and the Father of Sammy of SammySocks Etc.

            “The bullet-shaped, rubber-tipped, hangable, wooden pointer!”

            “The aluminum, super-light, clip-on-your-shirt chalk holder!”

            “The pointer!”

            “The holder!”



            “Hey, what are they arguing about?”

            “What’s the 2nd most educationally significant innovation to come out in the last 100 years?”

            “Oh, yeah? Second? Is it the hole punch?”


            “Socks from SammySocks Etc.?”

            “How’s that?”

            “Well, a comfortable, stylish, and well-dressed educator follows the 5E Model of Fashion and Teaching: effervescent, effective, energized, efficient, and eemazing.”

            “All good stuff, but no!”

            “The 3-color pen?”


            “The swivel chair?”


            “The form where you can request a “I don’t have to come to work……, I mean, a personal day?”

            “Heh, pretty good. Nope, that’s the 7th.”

            “The book 101 Ways to Sound Sick Over the Phone by I. M. Notcoming and U. Cantmakeme?”



            “Of what?


            “Sorry, no.”

            “The substitute teacher?”

            “Only on Mondays and Fridays.”


            “What? Administrators? Where’d you ….? Is your evaluation coming up soon or something? Anyway, I said educationally significant.”

            “The unit map?”

            “Uh, no.”

            “The rainy-day game of 7-Up?”


            “Well, what is it?”



            “Ticky-tack, overwhelmingly.”

            “Wow! That stuff either doesn’t work or it works too well!”

            “Yeah. You know you can hot-wire a car with that stuff.”

            “Hey, what’s the half-life of ticky-tack?”

            “No one knows, man.”

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