Our Story

            SammySocks Etc. is a new store. We would like to tell you a little bit about ourselves. Welcome and read on. Thank you.

Our Story

       SammySocks Etc. was created to help our son, Samuel, become independent, help with his support, employ adults with differing abilities, provide a safe and adaptive work environment and treat our customers and employees with respect and dignity.

Our Mission Statement

            Our mission is to make available dignified employment, contribute to a sense of worth, and foster respect for adults with differing abilities through the selling of quality products.

Our Vision Statement

            Our vision is, by the grace of God, to provide our son who has differing abilities and other adults with differing abilities, opportunities to contribute to the community in a safe environment and help secure their futures.

What We Offer

            We currently offer a variety of socks for men, women, and children. We strive to provide an exceptional shopping experience that includes courteous service, quick delivery, and the knowledge that you have contributed to our son’s, and hopefully others in similar circumstances, support and encouragement.

Sharing With Others

            SammySocks Etc. also believes in helping others. We donate five percent of our earnings to United Partners - Pflugerville. United Partners - Pflugerville is located in Pflugerville, Texas. It is an organization that allows adults with differing abilities to come and spend the day to learn, work and live as a community.

The Significance of the Peacock Feather in Our Logo

            The significance of the peacock feather in our logo is that Samuel is very tactile defensive. He has a difficult time dealing with any kind of human touch. If he is prepared for it, he can tolerate it. However, if he is bumped by accident, he can become distressed and possibly have a meltdown. We use the peacock feather to show how some people with differing abilities can only tolerate the lightest touch…. like a feather. The colors of the peacock feather also closely resemble the colors of Autism Awareness. So…. the peacock feather.

            We hope that the experiences you have with SammySocks Etc. will be encouraging and supportive. Thank you.


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