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One of the Greatest!

One of the Greatest!

by Mark Lyons

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

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            *** A play-by-play announcer along with a color commentator speak quietly into their microphones.

            “Bob, here we are today. The sun is shining just over the early morning horizon in a clear blue sky. The trees are budding. The birds are chirping. The sweet fragrance of flowers fills the air. It is the quintessential perfect day for the start of the season.”

            “You are so right, Akeem. Fans have been waiting all autumn and winter for this day. And by the look of what we are witnessing here today, no one will be disappointed.”

            “Bob, the season runs from the cool weather of early spring, through the hot days of summer, and on into the blustery, chilly months of fall. Quite a few things can happen during this time.”

            “Exactly! That is what makes the first day so highly anticipated. Everyone is eager to see what will happen. Bob, I think Mark is getting ready.”

            “Yes, Akeem, I think you are right. You see how he positions himself. That is the mark of a consummate, true champion. Mark has been at this for such a long time. He has brought so much to his craft. He is always giving 110%. Mark is constantly looking for ways to improve his performance. Yet, at the same time, he is willing to help those who are up and coming.”

            “Bob, you are so right, again. He is definitely a Hall of Famer. No doubt about it.”

            “Okay, Akeem. I think Mark is just about to start. Do you see how he checks the terrain, the wind direction and velocity, and the angle of the sun? He knows that all of these can affect his performance and ultimately, the outcome.

            “You’ve called it perfectly, Bob! The first day is so important. It sets the tone for the whole season. Now, watch his stance.”

            “Yes, feet set just right – not too close – not too far from each other. Balance is so crucial.”

            “Bob, do you see how Mark now focuses on his hands? The grip has to be perfect. The fingers wrap around in what some say is the most efficient and streamlined grip seen in the last fifty years.”

            “Akeem, Mark is truly one of the greatest. Once his grip is set, he will center his attention on his elbows. He makes sure they are bent at the most opportune angle. It’s the grip and the elbows that allow the shoulders to provide all the power.

            “Oh, Bob, it looks like Mark has stepped back for just a moment. The wind seems to have picked up unexpectedly.”

            “Akeem, now that we have a bit of a lull here, this seems like a good time to bring up dark periods from Mark’s past. It’s been said that he had to almost completely change his style. It was a tough, tough time for him for a while.”

            “It sure was, Bob. Mark almost gave it all up. He had to switch from a natural two-handed grip to an unseemly, split grip.”

            “Akeem, was it due to injury?”

            “No, Bob. It was strictly because of an equipment change. Many couldn’t make the adjustment. Mark struggled, but, and this is another testament to his utter greatness, persevered. Many of the leading experts and enthusiasts are of the opinion that he came back even stronger and more dedicated than ever.”

            “Great insight, Akeem. The wind has died down. It looks like Mark is ready to start again. Let’s get back to the play-by-play action.”

            “Mark’s feet, hands, and elbows are all set. His eyes temporarily shut in deep concentration. A deep breath and there it is! The first pull of the cord! The engine roars to life! The mowing season is officially underway!”

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