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"Memories" from SammySocks Etc.!


     Remember when you were a kid and your mom “encouraged” you to practice the piano?

     Picture that in your mind for a moment. You and the piano off to the side in the living room. There’s a little lamp throwing a bit of light across the music. The wonderful aromas of dinner from the kitchen tickling your nose. Sounds of children playing outside. A cool autumn breeze tosses leaves around in your front yard. Notes from the piano drift off through the house after you finish playing them over and over. Remember?

     Maybe all of this was not so much appreciated by you at the time. But now, as you can sit at any piano and belt out a musical piece from memory, you feel differently. Just maybe you feel good or comfortable or fond of these memories. If so, thank your mom. Thank you mom with a “Music Is My Life” Socks Gift Bag or Box from SammySocks Etc. These gift bags and boxes include pairs of music socks including one with a keyboard. And along with the gift bag or box from SammySocks Etc., include a tape, CD, video clip, or whatever you use nowadays of you playing the piano. Maybe her favorite song?

     Visit us at and take a look at our selection of sock gift bags and gift boxes. Remember a memory!

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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