Mark, It's Time for Your Pills!

Mark, It’s Time for Your Pills!

by Mark Lyons

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

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            “Mark, it’s time to take your pills!” said Sally.

            “But I don’t wanna take my pills!” whined Mark. “I mean, I’m busy.”

            “Doing what?” asked Sally.

            “Why, I am busy with something very important and necessary,” said Mark. “I can’t be interrupted. I will have to take them later.”

            “You really need to take them,” said Sally. “What are you doing that’s so important and necessary?”

            “Uh, well, you know that commercial on TV where the family is so distraught because they failed to regularly and consistently pour Rid-X down their toilets and now the kids have to play in the backed-up sewer water in their backyard from their clogged septic system instead of a swimming pool?” asked Mark.

            “Oh, okay,” replied Sally. “Is our septic clogged?”

            “No,” said Mark. “But if I don’t get to the store right now and get some Rid-X, that could be us.”

            “Mark, you have to take your pills,” said Sally.

            “Uh, I probably should hold off from taking any of my pills because of I’m going under the knife soon and they tell you not to take your pills because it could, uh, er, you know, skew the healing and recovery and stuff,” said Mark.

            “Under the knife?” asked Sally. “What are you talking about?”

            “My procedure,” answered Mark.

            “What procedure?” asked Sally.

            “My colonoscopy,” said Mark. “And according to that doctor’s website on the internet, colonoscopies are the 479th most dangerous procedure, next to splinter removal and ear piercing. So, you don’t want to mess around with that.”

            “You know that’s all not true, don’t you, Mark?” said Sally. “And besides, we haven’t even scheduled the colonoscopies yet. Now please take your pills!”

            “I already did,” said Mark.

            “Oh, now you’ve already taken your pills?” asked Sally. “Then what are these pills that look like yours doing in this little pill bin on the counter?”

            “Those pills?” asked Mark. “Uh, I believe those pills are for tomorrow. That’s it! I already got tomorrow’s pills ready. You know, Sweetie, like I always do for your, because, you know, I love you!”

            “Uh-huh,” said Sally. “Then why is there this little piece of paper taped to the pill bin that has today’s date with the number of pills left on the bottle, the doctor who prescribed the pills, a spot for you to record your temperature, height, & weight when you take the pills, and a little box that gets checked when you take the pills that has not yet been filled in?”

            “Oh, that pill bin and little piece of paper,” said Mark. “Now I remember. I’ve been so lightheaded these last couple of days, you know, since my physician upped my pill dosage. It’s hard to keep it all straight. There’s just so, so many now.”

            “Mark, you take seven pills and two of them are chewable gummies!” said Sally.

            “I know!” replied Mark. “That many? Isn’t that some sort of record for someone my age? Should we call the Guinness World Record people?”

            “Oh, Mark,” said Sally.

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