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Mark and the Weather

Mark and the Weather

by Mark Lyons

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

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            “Honey, you’re blocking TV,” said Mark as he leaned over to look around his wife, Sally, standing in front of him holding a cup of coffee and a plate of buttered banana bread she had made several hours earlier.

            “I got you a snack,” said Sally.

            “I’m sorry,” said Mark. “The coffee and banana bread look and smell delicious. Did you get some for yourself?”

            “I did, but I brought yours in from the kitchen first,” said Sally. “What are you watching anyway?”

            “Well, do you remember last month when we, and by we, I mean I, were watching the Weather Channel and they were talking about their forecast for the next 30 days where they predicted that the precipitation for our area of the country was going to be higher than normal while the temperatures would be slightly cooler between the hours of 0600 and 1400 on days that end with a “y”, but only after the 2nd Thursday or 3rd Tuesday and the moon is waxing gibbous? And by the way, 0600 is 6 o’clock am and 1400 is 2 o’clock pm. Meteorologists use military time so as not to confuse us weather aficionados.”

            Sally just stared at Mark.

            “Sally?” asked Mark.

            Nothing. No response.

            “Honey?” asked Mark as he waved his hand in front of her face.

            “What?” asked Sally shaking her head and rubbing her eyes. “All I heard was 0600 and 1400.”

            “Yeah, that’s right,” replied Mark. “That’s how meteorologists say the time. You know so there’s no confusion.”

            “They don’t do that,” said Sally. “They use regular time like 6 am and 2 pm.”

            “Well, um, you know, I’m pretty sure the really cool meteorologists do,” said Mark.

            “You were watching the weather?” asked Sally.

            Mark sits up, leans forward, and answers excitedly, “Yes, yes I was! As a kid, I was always mesmerized by the little shimmering suns that the meteorologist put on the paper weather maps. The meteorologist would use a marker and write the temperatures on the map for different towns. And it was especially exciting if there was a warm or cold front passing through. The meteorologist would draw a big, curved line with sharp arrows showing the direction of the front. And the radar was grainy and black and white. It was so great!”

            “How old are you really?” asked Sally. “Can’t you just look out the window?”

            “Yes,” said Mark, “but I watch the weather on TV to see what’s going to happen tonight, tomorrow, later in the week, and month so we can be prepared. Will we need an umbrella? Will a jacket or parka be required? Should the lawn chairs be tied down? Will the hatches have to be battened? Snow or sleet? Rain or hail? Shorts or slacks? The need to know is great. The list is endless! And it’s a hard habit to break from all those years as a professional delivery driver and needing to know the meteorological lay of the land to make sure my deliveries were punctual, safe, organized, complete, and secure. My knowledge of the weather was critical in the performance of my duties.”

            “Pizza! You delivered pizzas,” said Sally.

            “Those people were hungry!” said Mark.

            “Oh, Mark,” said Sally.

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