Mark and Manjamas

Mark and Manjamas

by Mark Lyons

Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

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            “Honey, what do you think of this?” asks Mark as he stands with his hands on his hips and looks questioningly at his wife.

            Sally looks up from the book she is reading, stares as her husband for several seconds, and asks, “What am I supposed to be looking at?”

            “It’s my latest invention, uh, creation, er, artistic endeavor,” replies Mark.

            “Uh, huh,” says Sally. “Again, what am I supposed to be looking at?”

            “Manjamas!” Mark exclaims.

            “What are manjamas?” asks Sally with a deep, deep sigh. “I may regret asking that question,” she mutters under her breath.

            “What?” asks Mark.

            “Please tell me what are manjamas,” Sally responds.

            Mark grins at his wife as he slowly turns around. “See?” he asks. “Manjamas are pajamas for men.”

            “There are already pajamas for men,” replies Sally.

            “Not like these,” says Mark. “I have taken a pair of flannel pajama pants, added a tucked in t-shirt with a pocket, put on a long-sleeved button shirt left unbuttoned over the t-shirt, and put on a pair of socks from SammySocks Etc. Then I stuffed the bottoms of the pajama pants into the socks. I am ready either for bedtime or a trip to my local big-box store. Genius, right? Right? Sally, right?”

            “Oh, Mark,” sighs Sally.

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