Karaoke .....Well, Almost!

Karaoke, …………… Well, Almost!

            “And now for our next karaoke singer, we have Mark, …….. uh, what? It’s not Mark? It’s ………. You want to be called what? Magnificent Mark? Really? That’s what you’re going with? You sure? Magnificent Mark? Okay, whatever!”

            “And now for our next karaoke singer, we have …… (snicker)….., Magnificent Mark!”

            “Delta Dawn, what’s that flower…….

            “Hold it, uh, Magnificent there. This just isn’t going to work. I’m sorry. In the history of karaoke, this has never happened before, but I’ve go to cut you off!”

            “That bad, huh?”

            “I’m afraid so.”

            “I understand. You’ve got the International Karaoke Standards to uphold and all.”

            “The IKS? Yeah, sure, but it’s even worse ……, uh, yeah. The IKS is it. Sorry.”

            “Can I at least keep my name, Magnificent Mark?”

            “Sure. And why don’t you get yourself a sock gift bag from SammySocks Etc. They’ve got some great socks and that will help take your mind off of all this. Their Monster Socks Gift Bag for Men would be great for you!”

            “Okay. Thanks. Maybe if I change my name. Something more flashy like …..”

            Visit us at www.sammysocksetc.com. Help us grow so we can hire adults with differing abilities.

Image by gunther from Pixabay

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