It's Taking Too Long!

It’s Taking Too Long!

by Mark Lyons

Image by Henryk Niestroj from Pixabay

SammySocks Etc. Blog - Comments and Observations from Someone Who Is a Retired Educator and the Father of Sammy of SammySocks Etc.

            “It’s taking too long!”

            This is one of Sammy’s most favorite and frequently used sayings. We call it a “Sammy Saying”. He utters it usually when we are waiting in line somewhere for food. He has also used it while waiting at the doctor’s office, at stop lights, and while waiting for the time to change on a digital clock.

            One particularly now famous time Samuel used this saying was in church. We were sitting up in the balcony. The pastor had been deep in his sermon for about ten minutes. Suddenly and in a voice loud enough to be heard by the entire congregation, Samuel said, “It’s taking too long!”

            Once the stifled laughter had faded away, the pastor continued, wrapping up his sermon quite quickly. Samuel had always been popular at our church, but this cemented his “celebrity” status there.

            There are quite a few “Sammy Sayings”. Many of them came about because of Samuel not wanting to wait. Other such sayings include “It’s keeping me awake!”, “I want the day to be over!”, “I want tomorrow to be over as well!”, and “Any day now!”

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