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Is SammySocks Etc. Relevant In Today's World?

Is SammySocks Etc. Relevant in Today’s World?

by Mark Lyons

SammySocks Etc. Blog - Comments and Observations from Someone Who Is a Retired Educator and Sammy’s Dad

     According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), a little over 2% (2.21%) of the adult population in the United States are on the Autism Spectrum. This is based on a study conducted in 2017 by the CDC. About 81% of the people in this population group are not employed. This number is based on a study conducted in 2017 by National Core Indicators. This is an organization that collects data about public developmental disabilities agencies to measure and track their performance.

     We as a country can do better. We must do better. More and more children with differing abilities are becoming adults with differing abilities. In many states across the United States, there is a great deficit in the education, training, and employment opportunities available to adults with differing abilities once they leave high school.   

     The Mission and Vision Statements of SammySocks Etc. explain its purpose. We are a business that values adults with differing abilities. As our business expands, we hope to provide employment opportunities for adults with differing abilities. We hope to have adults with differing abilities become part of our family. Yes, SammySocks Etc. is relevant in today’s world.

     To help SammySocks Etc. achieve its Mission and Vision statements, please browse our shop and take a look at the products we offer for women, children, and men. Help us help Sammy and other adults with differing abilities. Thank you.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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