In-Service Training I Think I Had Over My Years as a Teacher

In-Service Training I Think I Had Over My Years as a Teacher

by Mark Lyons

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

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            Ah, I sometimes long for the times as a teacher when we had in-service days. Often these days were held during the summer. Other times they were held at the beginning of the school year before the students arrived on campus. Some in-service sessions were also held during the school year providing a bit of a break from the regular school day. Many of these in-service days consisted of training required by the district and/or state. We also were able to take some in-service sessions to improve specific areas of our craft. Most were beneficial. Some not so much. Here are a few of the in-service sessions I participated in over the years I was a teacher. Please bear in mind that I was a teacher for 44 years so some of these may seem outdated. Anyway, here we go.

  1. (1975) How to Get Half of Next Week’s Lesson Plans Done During a Fire Drill
  2. (1976) Chisanbop – Is It Math or Something Else? (Google it!)
  3. 1977) The Overhead Transparency Machine – Have We Finally Reached the Peak of Technology?
  4. (1978) Math: Is 2 + 2 Really 4 Anymore?
  5. (1979) How to Get That Blue Ditto Ink Off Your Hands, Clothes, and the Floor
  6. (1980) The Aluminum Telescoping Pointer Versus the Single Length, Wooden Pointer with the Bullet Shaped Tip: Pros & Cons
  7. (1981) 101 Things You Can Do in a Sky Blue Leisure Suit
  8. (1982) Transformational Grammar – Say What?
  9. (1987) The Laser Disc – It’s Gonna Be Here a Long Time!
  10. (1989) Classroom Crock Pot Meals That You Can Make From Language Arts Through to Specials and All the Way to Your Lunch Time!
  11. (1990) How to Maximize Faculty Meetings to Cut Out the Most Laminating Pieces
  12. (1993) The Best Ways to Count Down to Summer and When to Start
  13. (1995) What You Can Wear with Staff T-Shirts and Still Look Good
  14. (1997) The Best Background Music You Can Play in the Classroom
  15. (2000) How to Wolf Down Your Lunch in 10 Minutes or Less During Your Half an Hour Lunch Time
  16. (2002) Is it TĒKS or TĔKS? Let’s Dig into the Greek and Latin!
  17. (2006) The Best Places to Eat Around Here at Lunch
  18. (2007) How to Soup Up Your Teacher Chair for Those Unsanctioned Teacher Chair Races at Your School
  19. (2009) How to Duck Out of…… I Mean, How to Get the Most Out of Your School’s Faculty Meetings
  20. (2011) How to Do Your Taxes, Pay Your Bills, Fold Your Laundry, and Get Your Windshield Repaired All During Your Planning Time
  21. (2012) How to Mooch Off of Your Fellow Grade Level Team Members and Get More Copies from Your School’s Copy Machine
  22. (2013) How to Stretch Your Teacher’s Salary by Sleeping on That Couch in Your Classroom and Saying You Are Always Working Late and/or Getting Ready for the Next Faculty Meeting
  23. (2015) How to Read Your School’s Universal Screening Schedule – A Three Day Course
  24. (2015) Is it Porsche or Porshuh?
  25. (2016) The OLSAT – What Is It and Why Do We Have to Give It Again?
  26. (2017) Why Can’t the Texas Longhorns Ever Hire a National Title Winning Football Coach?
  27. (2018) If Your Teaching Career Doesn’t Pan Out, You Can Always Make It in a Boy Band
  28. (2019) Ten Sure Fire Ways to Get Your Attendance in by 9:00 am and How to Not Take the Fall If You Don’t
  29. (2020) How to Avoid Volunteering for All Those Committee Assignments but Still Look Busy
  30. (2020) How to Get Other Teachers to Grade All of Your Students’ Papers

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