How You Know You Used to Be a Teacher

How You Know You Used to Be a Teacher

by Mark Lyons

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

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            How does a teacher know that he or she used to be a teacher? Also, how do others know that someone used to be a teacher? Here are a few ways you and others can tell.

  1. You have a yearning for school lunches.
  2. You find yourself at the corner intersection nearest your house or apartment at 7:15 am stopping traffic when someone wants to cross the street.
  3. You have an unusual desire at 3:00 pm every other Wednesday to grab your laptop and a can of soda, head for your dining room table, and pull up a chair while looking around for some papers to grade.
  4. You want to check to see if anyone is not here at about 8:55 am each weekday morning.
  5. You ask your family at breakfast each weekday what their lunch choice is for the day.
  6. You have a need to fill out some sort of evaluation on each member of your family about every 3 and 6 weeks and put them into a large brown envelope.
  7. You call your significant other’s parents and tell them your significant other’s strengths and weaknesses every other week. You have a checklist schedule and a sticker chart for them as well.
  8. You assign one of your family members to be the leader and someone else to hold the door open and yet another person to turn out the lights when you leave your home.
  9. Once a month you herd your family out of the house or apartment – no talking, head them to the end of your driveway or parking lot, turn them around, and have them stand waiting for someone to tell you the all clear.
  10. You resist the urge to assign family members homework Mondays – Thursdays.
  11. You PowerPoint your family a prelude of your upcoming summer vacation.
  12. On your family vacation, you make everyone wear the same color t-shirt, a name tag, and buddy them up.
  13. On the way to your vacation destination, you are constantly reminding everyone in the car to keep their hands and feet to themselves, inside the vehicle, and out of the aisle.
  14. You drop your family off at the dining room table for lunch and go and eat alone in your room.
  15. You give each member of your family a number.
  16. You assign each family member a seat at the dining room table.
  17. You feel the need to carry a list of all family members with their emergency phone numbers in a clear plastic envelope every time you leave the house or apartment.
  18. You bring in risers twice a year and do family pictures.
  19. You read a book on your own and keep looking up every 30 seconds to make sure everyone is behaving.
  20. You make your family sit on the floor outside of their bedroom with a book to read sitting legs crossed/applesauce before letting them into their bedroom for bedtime.

            I am sure there are more ways to tell. This is what I have come up with so far. Let me make a To Do List to come up with more. Now where is my clipboard?

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