How to Keep Coffee Fresh and Delicious!

How to Keep Coffee Fresh and Delicious!

Image by Couleur from Pixabay

            Hot! Fresh! Steaming! Delicious! Coffee!

            Now that you spent your hard-earned money on your favorite brew, rushed home under the cover of darkness, snuck in, and kept all the lights off so no one would know what you have done, what do you do now? Well, you need to store it, or course, but you need to keep each bean or ground as fresh as you can for as long as you can. How? Visit our website – – and we will share tips and strategies on how you can keep your coffee fresh and delicious. On the Home page of our website, scroll down to the bottom (Footer) and click on “Free Downloads”. There you will find a free pdf that you can download and print that will keep your coffee fresh and delicious.

            While you are at our website, please browse our coffee selections. We have coffee available for one-time purchases, gift bags of coffee, and even subscriptions. We offer Fara coffee in 12-ounce bags of ground coffee. We also offer Steeped Coffee in single-serve coffee bags. And even though this is about coffee, we also offer Bigelow Steep Café Organic and Herbal tea as well as socks for children, women, and men.

            Included in the purchase of any socks, coffee, and/or tea is knowing that you are helping secure the future of Sammy, the Sammy of SammySocks Etc. As we grow, we would like to hire other adults with differing abilities. We give 5% of our earnings to United Partners of Pflugerville, Texas and donate socks to the Hope Alliance of Round Rock, Texas.

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