Honey, It's That Time Again!

Honey, It’s That Time Again!

by Mark Lyons

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

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            “Honey, it’s that time again!” said Mark a little bit too eagerly.

            “It is?” asked Sally.

            “Yes!” answered Mark.



            “Are you sure?”

            “I am. I keep track of this on our calendar and in my head.”

            “Of course you do!”


            “Is there any chance that we could, maybe, postpone it?”


            “Yeah, you know, for a little while. I’m not sure I’m feeling up to it.”

            “Uh, what? We do this like clockwork. A regular schedule. And you know what they say?”

            “No, what? ….. And who’s they?”

            “They say the more you do it, the younger you look and feel! And the they is I think those 9 out of 10 doctors who are always making comments on the really important stuff like toothpaste, foot fungus, hair plugs, and anti-itch cream.”


            “And you know what else they say?”

            “I’m afraid to find out!”

            “They say it keeps your marriage close. So close.”


            “So, what do you think? Now’s as good a time as any.”

            “Before supper? In the middle of the day?”

            “Ooooh, supper! I guess we could wait until later this evening. That way you can rest up for it.”

Later ….. after supper ….. in the evening.

             “Okay, Honey, I’m ready. Are you?”

             “I guess so. Wash up first, please.”

             “Of course.”

Sally waits patiently for Mark.

             “This will be over in no time at all,” says Mark. “Let me just grab the nail clippers and the wastebasket so we don’t get any clippings on the floor, and you can start clipping my toenails!”

             “Oh, Mark!”

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