Fire Evacuation Plan

Fire Evacuation Plan

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            A plan for evacuation out of your home in case of fire is a necessity for any household but especially for a household with a person with differing abilities. Knowing what to do, where to go, and how to do it can save lives. Practicing a fire evacuation plan can help prepare everyone for their role in the plan. Practicing many times, following the same procedures, and keeping track of the practices helps keep all family members prepared and safe. Practice during the day and at night so these become familiar.

            Practice with several different escape routes from your home in case a fire starts in different locations. You may want to have a special backpack filled with extra medicines, phones, chargers, cash, clothes, credit cards, water, snacks, and copies of driver’s licenses and ID cards. Put the backpack next to an exit, a bed, or any other designated location in preparation for an evacuation. Assign a family member to be responsible for the backpack during the evacuation.

            To help with a fire evacuation plan and practicing, we have a free download available through our website – The download helps you prepare for, plan for, and keep track of fire evacuation plans and drills. Click on the “Free Downloads” menu item in the footer on the Home page. Once there, click on the pdf document titled “Fire Evacuation Plan Form”. Download or print out the document.

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