Do You Wanna Stop?

Do You Wanna Stop?

by Mark Lyons

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

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            “Honey, I could really go for some bubble tea!” said Sally.

            “What?” asked Mark, his squinty eyes darting back and forth between the rear-view mirror, the two side mirrors, and the front windshield while gripping the steering wheel with both hands at the ten and two position as he sat up straight and grinded his teeth.

            “Bubble tea! Oh?” asked Mark. “From where?”

            “Café Eden in Pflugerville,” replied Sally.

            “That’s not really on the way home,” said Mark. “And it’s not on the itinerary for this trip today. We’d have to deviate from what we planned. Normally, it wouldn’t be a problem, but, you know, I have to see it on a map to, uh, see where it is and where I’m going.”

            “Oh, sure,” said Sally. “But it’s just down the road a little bit. You turn left at the next light, go about a mile, and it’s right there on the right.”

            “I don’t know,” said Mark. “I think there’s road construction up ahead there somewhere. Plus, you know I have to see it on a map so I know where…”

            “… you’re going. Yes, I know,” said Sally.

            “You know, my middle name is Mr. Spontaneous,” said Mark. “But it is getting kind of close to supper time, and we have to get home to, um, to get ready for supper. And it’s going to be dark soon.”

            “Yes, but can we stop and get some bubble tea?” asked Sally.

            “In the rain?” asked Mark.

            “What rain?” replied Sally.

            “Well, it looks like it’s going to start pouring any minute,” said Mark. “And you know how that can mess up traffic and stuff.”

            “I could drive,” suggested Sally.

            “No, I’m good,” said Mark. “Do you think they are even open? It is Monday. A lot of places are closed on Mondays. I’m pretty sure they aren’t even open.”

            “I could call them to see,” said Sally.

            “That’s okay,” said Mark. “Is their bubble tea any good?”

            “Their bubble tea is great!” said Sally.

            “Are you sure?” asked Mark. “Cause the last time we got some food we didn’t like it or something?”

            “No, that was your triple bacon burger with extra bacon on a bacon infused bun with bacon sauce and a side of bacon,” said Sally. “You said there wasn’t enough bacon.”

            “Oh, yeah,” said Mark. “I should have gone with their extra-extra bacon burger with the bacon shake. Anyway, do you still want to get bubble tea? I’ll go there if you really want to go there.”

            “Never mind,” sighed Sally.


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