Did You Know That Even Zombies Give Gift Bags and Boxes!

Did You Know That Even Zombies Give Gift Bags and Boxes!

     You’ve seen this before!

     An innocent young woman is minding her own business trying to scour the empty shelves in a deserted grocery store at midnight with no one else around when suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a scraggled, snarling, limping, shuffling, zombie appears, and grabs hold of her foot. They struggle and the zombie seems to be getting the upper hand. The music swells. Growling, sniveling, and jerking, the zombie opens its mouth ready to bite when it stops, smiles, and says, “Hi, Megan! How’s it going? Here is your Christmas gift. It is a “Kitties Are Cats!” Socks Gift Bag from SammySocks Etc.! I know how much you like cats. So do I, although probably in not the same way as you do, but anyway. Sorry, I’m a little late this year, but, you know, with the apocalypse and all. So, have a good holiday. And, by the way, there’s some cans of soup over on aisle 9. See ya!”


     There you have it! Even zombies give holiday, sock gift bags from SammySocks Etc. And you can too. Visit us at www.sammysocksetc.com and browse our great selection of gift bags and boxes for women, men, and children.

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