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     Cats can be quite exasperating! If you’ve ever had a cat (or is it that they’ve had you?) you understand. They get underfoot, meow on and on into the night, walk all over you, your keyboard, your tablet, your phone, any electronic device, snoot your food, shed all over your best outfit, knock over most anything, and more. They do not have any boundaries. What’s yours is theirs. It is all about them. With them it’s ME! ME! ME!

     But cats can also love you unconditionally no matter who you are, what you’ve done or not done, where you live, or what you do for a living. You wouldn’t change them for anything. Well, maybe that litter box thing could go better. But, anyway, if you are a cat lover and a woman or know of a woman who is a cat lover, celebrate yourself or someone else with a Kitties Are Cats! Sock Gift Bag for Women for $17.50 from SammySocks Etc.

     Visit us at Help us grow so we can hire adults with differing abilities. SammySocks Etc. – sowing seeds of sock serenity!

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