Building Memories

Building Memories

by Mark Lyons

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

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            We live in the present. But so much of who we are resides in our pasts – our memories. We often use our memories to get through the present to plan, hope, and wait for the future.

            The holiday season is rife with opportunities to forge memories that will help us live in the present and the future. Our memories can support us when the present is less than desirable. The hope of the future based on our past can help us prepare for a bright and promising future.

            Memories are made whether we plan for them or not. What stays with us often seems random. Sometimes the most seemly insignificant happening becomes a memory that is remembered time and again. We can plan memories, too. We can create happenings that will become memories. During this holiday season, try to create memories that are positive, loving, and caring. Then draw on these memories often to comfort and support yourself and others.



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  • Karen

    Good advice. Working to build new memories while our children are still home. Thanks, Mark.

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