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by Mark Lyons

Image by mp1746 from Pixabay 

SammySocks Etc. Blog - Comments and Observations from Someone Who Is a Retired Educator and Sammy’s Dad    

     Hi! You’re waiting and waiting. Slowly, the ketchup makes its way from the back of the bottle toward the front and out the opening before it slathers itself all over your burger. Not quite there yet? Anticipation! What an exciting thing! Oh, the possibilities! With ketchup, you pretty much are sure of what is going to happen. Unless it pours out too fast and you are not ready for it. With most other things you anticipate, you are not so sure of the outcome. That is what helps make it all so exciting!

     Even though we live in the present, the possibilities of the future help keep us getting out of bed each day. The hope of the future. We make plans. We anticipate.

     Samuel (the Sammy of SammySocks Etc.) likes Walmart stores. He searches for videos about them on youtube all the time. Upon his frequent requests, we visit Walmart stores at least once a week, often more. Some are local and some are not so close. He is quite obsessed with the Walmart in Clifton Park, New York. He found several videos taken in it about five years ago. This particular Walmart has a unique public address system. When an announcement is about to be made throughout the store, a train horn like sound precedes the talking part of the announcement. Samuel also likes trains, so he fell in love with this Walmart. We have visited it in three out of the last four years. We live in Central Texas. Clifton Park, New York is in the north central part of New York, near its eastern border with Vermont. It is no small feat to take a road trip from Central Texas to New York. We do it. He loves it. He anticipates it pretty much every day. It is one of his possibilities. We make it one of ours, too.

     Make your plans. We make ours. Live each day to the fullest as best as you can. Enjoy the moments. Smell the roses, but also anticipate. Live for the possibilities!

     Coming soon to www.sammysocksetc.com: Black Friday in three days and Cyber Monday in six days (Friday, November 27 – Monday, November 30, 2020)!  

     Thank you.


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