10 Things You Can Do with a Pair of Socks Besides Wearing Them on Your Feet

10 Things You Can Do with a Pair of Socks Besides Wearing Them on Your Feet

by Mark Lyons

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            Socks are great for wearing on your feet. But what about other uses for those socks. Hmmm!

  1. Substitute for mittens – As cooler weather approaches and you cannot find your trusty pair of mittens, try a pair of socks. They work simply fine in a pinch. Just make sure that if you took them off your feet to put on your hands, you get another pair of socks to put on your feet. You do not want them to get cold.
  1. Golf club head covers – You are out there on the golf course and your golf clubs are knocking around in you golf bag. Not only is the sound annoying but you are not doing your golf clubs any good either. Grab several pairs of socks and wrap them around the heads of your clubs. If you are really smart, you will use different colors of socks for the different kinds of clubs you have so you can easily identify which club to use on your next shot. Let’s see. Is it the sand wedge to get the ball in the sand or out of the sand? Do I use a putter on the tee shot or is it a driver or a five iron? Let me check my Arnold Palmer Beginner’s Guide to Golf.
  1. Sock puppets – If you are or have been a teacher, you probably already know that a quick and easy puppet to make is a sock puppet. As simple as they are, sock puppets can be customized to fit any situation. And since socks usually come in a pair, you can make two puppets at a time. They are a great rainy day activity especially if you were going to play golf and got rained out. You can even use the golf club head covers to make your sock puppets.
  1. White board erasers – Again, if you are an educator, you probably have used a pair of socks to serve as a white board eraser. They can be washed and reused over and over. If you are really clever, you can store the white board marker inside of the sock when not in use to be ready for the next time. Please remember to take out the marker when you decide to wash the socks.
  1. Oven mitt – The oven timer has dinged letting you know that your tuna casserole is done. Glancing around your kitchen, you cannot find your ratty old oven mitt. It’s the one your Aunt Martha gave you on your 21st birthday when you were living in the apartment above the smelting factory. You do not want your tuna casserole to burn so what do you do? You whip off your socks, put your hands inside the socks, open the oven door, deftly caress the tuna casserole and gingerly place the perfectly browned masterpiece with the crumbled potato chips on top onto your stove top. Another disaster avoided thanks to a great pair of socks.!
  1. Inside-the-car windshield cleaner – You are yelling at the radio or maybe singing along with the latest Taylor Swift song or talking to your cat who is sitting in the back strapped into a cat carrier out for his daily car ride and you notice that your windshield is fogging up on the inside. What do you do? The defrost vent is not working. You have not any tissue with which to wipe the windshield. Your shirt sleeve is not going to work. Ah-ha! You steer with one hand while you masterfully remove your left shoe and then your left sock. (If you need to brake you can use your right foot – the one still covered by its shoe and sock.) Quickly, before the cat knows something is amiss, you wipe the fog off the windshield even while continuing to sing along with Taylor.
  1. Rice-filled foot warmer – You can fill a pair of socks with rice, warm the socks in a microwave oven and use the newly warmed socks to warm your feet, hands, or any other body part that needs warming. And a plus, you can cook the rice when you are done warming your feet to use as a side dish to your famous fajitas.
  1. Ear and/or nose muff – Infant socks can make great ear and nose muffs. Cover your ears and/or nose with an infant’s pair of socks and keep them in place with a small rubber band. Try it! It works great!
  1. Window cleaner – This kind of fits with number 6. You can use a pair of socks to clean your regular home windows. Just get some vinegar, water, a bucket, and a pair of socks. Try to do this chore late in the day or even at night. If your neighbors see you doing this, they may try to get you to do their windows, too.
  1. Really leaky water balloon replacement – You are walking home from work when you are suddenly attacked just outside of your home by a pair of your offspring. They are tossing huge water balloons straight at you and the balloons are landing perfectly. You are soaking wet. What can you do? You left your emergency bag of water balloons in your other pants. Then it comes to you! You take off your shoes, grab your socks, pull them off, fill them up with the water that is cascading off of you from the water balloons thrown by your kids and shamelessly toss the really leaky sock water balloons in the general direction of where you think your children are hiding. Neither sock water balloon lands anywhere near your intended targets but you do not care. You are having the time of your life!

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