If You Are a Teacher, 10 Surefire Ways to Get Your Attendance in by 9:00!

If You Are a Teacher, 10 Surefire Ways to Get Your Attendance in by 9:00!

by Mark Lyons

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            Here are 10 surefire ways to get your attendance count in by 9:00 am each school day. Surefire!

  1. Invent a time machine. Go back into the past. While in the past, pay a delivery company to deliver a message to your future self at exactly 8:55 am each school day all throughout the school year and even into future school years. Have the message tell you to get your attendance in by 9:00 am and to have a good day.
  2. Hire a personal assistant to remind you each day to submit your attendance.
  3. When you get your class list in August, go back and find out when each student was absent the previous school year, make paper copies of your attendance form, fill one out for each day of the school year with the days from last year the students were absent transposed to the corresponding date for this school year, put them all in a file folder, put the file folder on the registrar’s desk the night before the first day of school with a note saying your computer’s broken and here is my attendance. It may not be perfect and/or accurate but, oh well.
  4. Do like #3 above except make digital copies of each day’s attendance record and schedule an entire year’s worth of emails to send to the registrar with each school day’s attendance report attached.
  5. Get the people from the Hunger Games movies to parachute you in a daily reminder note before 9:00 am like they did to send in broth and medicine to Katniss in the movies.
  6. Call in sick every day so your sub has to do it.
  7. Put a windup alarm clock on each of your student’s desk. Tell them to wind it every day. Have them set their alarm each day for 8:45 am. Have your students do this before they go home each day. Then, the next morning when they get to your room, have them turn off their alarm. If anyone is absent, their alarm will go off letting you know who is absent and also remind you to do your attendance. By the way, if you can get all of your students to do this, you are a genius.
  8. Since your kids aren’t supposed to use their phones in school, teach them all flag semaphore. Make it a job in your classroom. Rotate among the students so they all get a chance. Have several students semaphore you each day at 8:45 am to remind you to submit your attendance.
  9. Keep a flock of homing pigeons at school. Have your students help take care of the pigeons. Make that a classroom job, too. Join an oven homing pigeon club. Volunteer to have the members take turns sending a homing pigeon to your school location each school day to arrive at 8:45 am with a message reminding you to send in your attendance.
  10. 8. Get your mom (or dad) to call and remind you each day. Or better yet, have your mom (or dad) come in each day and do your attendance for you.

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