10 Excuses You Can Give Your Registrar So You Won’t Take the Fall for Not Getting Your Attendance in by 9:00!

10 Excuses You Can Give Your Registrar So You Won’t Take the Fall for Not Getting Your Attendance in by 9:00!

by Mark Lyons

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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            The clock is ticking! It’s getting closer and closer! What are you going to do? Oh, no! You forgot to send in your attendance! Here are ten excuses you can use so you won’t take the fall for not getting your attendance in on time.

  1. I was shopping online looking for ….. isn’t National Registrar’s Day coming up? What’s your favorite color?
  2. My semaphore group that is supposed to signal me that the attendance time is coming up accidentally (or was it on purpose, hmm) sent me an it’s time for recess message instead of it’s time to submit the daily attendance.
  3. The power went out just in my classroom and my time machine stopped working so I couldn’t go back in time to send myself a delivery service message to submit my attendance.
  4. My personal assistant took the day off so she couldn’t do it for me.
  5. My passenger pigeon that usually lands with a reminder message to submit my attendance was waylaid by a pet supply truck accident on the interstate – bird seed all over the road – so I didn’t get the reminder note to send in my attendance.
  6. My mother’s mad at me so she never called to remind me to submit my attendance.
  7. I was out sick, and subs are hard to get so the one they got was not cleared to use the computer, so the attendance never got sent.
  8. The principal was in my room the whole morning and wanted to know what I thought of how you as the registrar are handling attendance because the principal values my opinion so much and I didn’t want to stop and submit the attendance right then and there because I was singing your praises.
  9. Look, I’ll just be straight with you! I…, I…, I was listening to Taylor Swift.
  10. Uh, 9:00 is during my morning naptime. Can we move it to a different time?

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