River Dancing

River Dancing

by Mark Lyons

Image by SnapWireSnaps from Pixabay

            “Look, I’m river dancing!” exclaims Mark to his wife, Sally.

            Sally peers over at her gyrating husband as he flails his legs and feet all in one spot in the middle of their living room.

            “Don’t you think,” asks Mark gasping for breath. “it’s almost as good as my tribute to disco?”

            Pulling up her pants legs, Sally reveals a pair of red argyle crew socks with red cuffs and toes from SammySocks Etc. “Let me show you how it’s done.”

            Sally expertly moves her legs and feet along with the music blasting from an 80s style boom box. Mark slumps his shoulders, stops his dancing, and falls into a blue couch.

            “Yeah, I guess you are right,” mumbles Mark. “Me, not so much. You, quite right. And, by the way, great socks!”

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