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Made for the Part!

Made for the Part!

by Mark Lyons

Image by Sopan Sopian from Pixabay

            “Do you think I will get the part?” asked Dante as he pulled on a pair of bright green, emoji, crew socks from SammySocks Etc.

            “I think you were made for the part,” answered Dante’s mom. “It’s the part of the lead clown in a major three ring circus. You have been the clown in this family since you were a little boy. You keep us laughing until our sides hurt. You can’t miss.”

            “I don’t know,” said Dante. “If I get this part, it will be a lot of work and hours of rehearsal after school. Will that be okay?”

            “Yes, Honey,” replied Dante’s mom. “We will make it work. We want you to love what you do. If you do, it won’t be work. The hours will fly by.”

            “Yes, Mom,” said Dante, smiling. “I do love it. Thank you.”


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